Winter Spring 2018

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A Matter Of Life And Death (Park Circus)
Persona (BFI)
Monty Python’s The Life Of Brian (Trafalgar Releasing)

Back On The Big Screen

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This winter you can see some classic movies as the filmmakers intended, sat amongst the audience watching them on a cinema screen.

Look Back In Anger (Park Circus)

A university-educated musician rejects his wife's middle-class aspirations and chooses to work at the local flea market. As time goes on, Jimmy (Richard Burton) becomes more and more bitter, and his treatment of Allyson (Mary Ure) worsens. Their already troubled marriage reaches a crisis point when Helena (Claire Bloom), an old friend of Allyson, lodges with the couple and begins the object of Jimmy's aggression and attention.

See it in cinemas from March 30th

A Fistful of Dollars (Park Circus)

Clint Eastwood stars in director Sergio Leone’s classic spaghetti western as a stranger in San Miguel becomes who involved in a vendetta between two families. Playing one family against the other, he rescues a beautiful woman from captivity.

See it in cinemas from April 13th

Grease (Park Circus)

It's 1958, summer is over and the hormonally-charged seniors of Rydell High are reluctantly returning to school, ready to fall back in with old friends and trade stories of the previous months' conquests. Danny Zukon (John Travolta), leader of a local greaser gang called the T-Birds, brags to his crew about nights of passion spent on the beach with a mystery girl. Elsewhere, sweet Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) - the new girl in town - is taken under the wing of the no-nonsense Pink Ladies and shares fond memories of a brief romance with an unknown sweetheart.

See it in cinemas from April 19th

The Dambusters (Studiocanal)

“The Dam Busters” is newly restored in 4K to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the famous WWII raid. Don't miss a special Royal Albert Hall gala screening of the much loved British classic, presented by Dan Snow and broadcast to cinemas across the country for one day only on May 17th.

See it in cinemas from May 17th