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You may hear or read a great deal about some actors and filmmakers. You may go regularly to local cinemas and watch lots of films at home.

But did you know that, right at the heart of the film industry, there's a dynamic sector working to deliver the largest possible audience to every new release?

This is the distribution sector and it’s vital to the health of the whole film economy.

Distribution is the highly competitive business of launching and sustaining films in the market place.

Like other forms of entertainment, the film business is product-driven: the films themselves are the reason why most people buy cinema tickets.

But how do people get to know about the range of films on offer, or coming soon, in the first place? How do they come to feel they want to see particular films and go to the cinema to do so?

UK film distributors alone spend around £300 million a year on bringing new releases to market, and building awareness and interest among audiences. It's a fast-moving, highly competitive, high-stakes business.