UK Media Protocol

UK Embargo


Applies to all releases at all times unless otherwise specified by the distributor

For daily and weekly publications in all media (including online), film reviews are embargoed until the week of the film’s UK public cinema release.

Traditionally this has been regarded as the Thursday.

However, on certain specific releases this may be varied slightly with a ‘Hard Line Embargo’ instituted by the distributor specifying a time and date after which a review or other reaction/comment to a film (via social media for example) may be published in any form. This will be communicated by the distributor in their screening invites, or publicity materials. If in doubt, please check with the distributor.

Where a ‘Hard Line Embargo’ applies, FDA will endeavour to indicate in advance on the Week of Release Screening schedule.

In the absence of ‘Hard Line Embargo’ information, the Standard UK embargo will apply.

For monthly publications, film reviews are embargoed until the latest issue prior to the film’s UK public cinema release.

If you accept an invitation to a preview screening, you accept on behalf of yourself, the publication(s) you represent and any guest(s) you may be able to bring, that you will not break the standard embargo (or the ‘Hard Line Embargo’ where applicable) or assist any other party to do so.

If you have any queries regarding the reviews embargo for a particular film, please contact its UK distributor.