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FDA is the trade body for UK theatrical film distributors, the companies that release films for cinema audiences. The feature films brought to market by FDA member companies – ranging widely from international blockbusters to classic revivals; and from British films to productions of 42 other countries in 2012 – account for 97% of UK cinema admissions. Lord Puttnam of Queensgate CBE is FDA’s President. 


FDA is committed to implementing a sustainable development policy across all activities conducted on behalf of its members operating in a sustainable manner and working to continually improve our sustainability performance.  

We will endeavour to minimise negative sustainability impacts without undermining effectiveness and seek to maximise the positive sustainability impacts of our activities on the environment and society, while representing the best interests of our members. 


  • We aim to minimise resource use (e.g. energy, water etc) and where possible, measure our sustainability impacts.
  • All goods and services will be procured from companies with good ethical and environmental policies, and where possible, this should be a contractual requirement.
  • Waste will be minimised, recycled where possible and disposed of efficiently and ethically when no other option for re-use and recycling is available, as per the established waste hierarchy: