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FDA Yearbook 2019

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FDA Yearbook 2019

February 2019: Film Distributors’ Association (FDA) is delighted to publish the 2019 edition of our Yearbook, freely available here.

It records what cinemagoers in the UK and Ireland chose to see in the calendar year 2018, broken down by day, week, month, region, certificate, genre and more.
The box-office data is kindly supplied by comScore, much of it previously unpublished.

This FDA Yearbook also contains:

- Features highlighting the symbiotic relationship between film and music

- Data showing the enduring appeal of superhero movies (1 in 5 UK cinema tickets bought in 2018 was for a superhero adventure)

- Notes on the diversity of filmmakers behind UK cinema releases in 2018

- A breakdown of UK film distributors’ paid-for advertising expenditure in 2018 by media category and by month (excluding ‘earned’ and ‘owned’ channels)

- A specially commissioned chart of the most-watched films shown on UK television in 2018

- A commentary on distributors’ support of YourLocalCinema, the digital service for UK cinemagoers with hearing and sight loss

- And much more!

Our ebook edition contains some data not available in the print edition. We hope you enjoy browsing through it!

Access the ebook HERE