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FDA Yearbook 2018

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FDA Yearbook 2018

The FDA Yearbook is available here in e-book and pdf formats.

The 2018 edition contains 128 pages of data and generic comment on the past year’s cinemagoing in the UK and Ireland, some of it specially commissioned and not published elsewhere.

The book offers insights into how film distributors drove consumption by bringing a wide range of 874 releases to UK cinema audiences.

There’s also an independent analysis (by Saffery Champness) of the wider economic impacts that the sector delivers through its investment and innovation.

FDA’s President, Lord Puttnam of Queensgate CBE, who writes the foreword to the Yearbook, said: “This is a fantastically important working document in that it contains a thorough analysis of what audiences did last year and an indication of the on-going changes and trends within the film industry itself. No work station is complete without it!”

The FDA Yearbook 2018 includes:

- UK cinema box-office takings in 2017 shown by day, week, month, region, genre, certificate, opening weekend and other criteria

- 10-year trends in UK cinemagoing – a new feature in this, the 16th edition of the Yearbook

- The UK’s all-time top 50 film releases (as at 5 January 2018) as well as the top 100 of 2017

- The top-grossing Bollywood and foreign language films of 2017

- Expenditure on media advertising expenditure by the UK film distribution sector in 2017 The most-watched films shown on UK television, and the bestselling film soundtracks, in 2017

- The top-grossing films of 2017 worldwide

You can print off a copy of any page in the yearbook from the pdf version.