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FDA Yearbook 2016. Box-office data supplied by RENTRAK.

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We are delighted to publish a digital edition of the FDA Yearbook 2016 – now available to download, free, here

The FDA Yearbook provides a detailed record of the actual consumption of films (and other content) in the UK and Ireland throughout the previous year – what audiences saw in cinemas, the box-office takings, breakdowns by genre and much more.

The yearbook also:

- Reflects on the cinemagoing year in the broader context of emerging trends;

- Highlights the huge investments made by UK film distributors to engage audiences in a highly competitive environment;

- Explores the consumption of film across the digital value chain (beyond the theatrical release); and

- Summarises the past year’s cinema performance in Europe and the US/Canada.

Box-office statistics are kindly provided by Rentrak www.rentrak.com

Click here to view and download the yearbook in pdf format.

Subject to availability, printed copies of the FDA Yearbook 2016 (120 pages, size A5) may be requested by emailing info@fda.uk.net.