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Production Wraps on HUSTLE DOWN, Starring Tom Sizemore, Paul Sidhu, and Bai Ling

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2017

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Production has just wrapped in Baja, Mexico on ULTRAMEDIA's latest film, HUSTLE DOWN, a collaboration with Badhouse Studios. The film stars Tom Sizemore (Heat, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down), Paul Sidhu (2307: Winter's Dream, Aakhari Decision, The Black Russian), and Bai Ling (Crank: High Voltage, The Crow, Anna and the King). It also features Kevin Gage (Heat, G.I. Jane), Raymond J. Barry (Training Day, Born on the Fourth of July), Vanessa Angel (Weird Science, Kingpin), and Noel Gugliemi (Furious 7, Dark Knight Rises).

TURK (Paul Sidhu, left) and CULLY (Tom Sizemore, right) running headlong to confront drug cartels, gangs, and assassins.

HUSTLE DOWN is an action comedy directed by R. Ellis Frazier, from the original screenplay by Benjamin Budd, whose previous work includes Larceny and Dead Drop. ULTRAMEDIA's Robert Beaumont acquired the rights from Budd in 2016. Beaumont and his development team worked closely with Budd to ready the script for the June 2017 shoot.

In the film, Cully (Tom Sizemore), a two-bit hustler and the driver for a Baja drug cartel, finds himself relying on skilled-but-reluctant bounty hunter, Turk (Paul Sidhu), to stay out of the grasps of a merciless assassin (Kevin Gage), and vicious thugs led by a rival gang leader (Noel Gugliemi) after Cully steals a money car stuffed with cash meant for his boss (Raymond J. Barry). The duo crosses paths with Crystal (Bai Ling), a sultry dancer with too many secrets and a greater stake in all of this than they first realize. If Cully can convince Turk to go along with his crazy schemes, he might make it back to his estranged wife (Vanessa Angel) and daughter alive.

Beaumont (Ride, Emelie, 2307: Winter's Dream, Dead Drop) produced, alongside Frazier (Across the Line, Larceny, Dead Drop). HUSTLE DOWN is the second film helmed jointly by Beaumont and Frazier, this time with Justin Nesbitt, Jessica Hoang, and Geoffrey Ross serving as co-producers.

Regarding the elements assembled for the film, Beaumont said, "Collaborating with Frazier again and crafting a project that capitalizes on the things he does so well in the director's chair has been a wonderful experience. Because of the brilliant performances of our stellar cast, the heart-pounding work by veteran action/stunt coordinator Art Camacho, and the stunning cinematography by the talented and experienced Jorge Roman, HUSTLE DOWN is shaping up to be the team's best work yet."

ULTRAMEDIA is handling worldwide sales and plans to screen the film for buyers at the American Film Market in the fall of 2017. For additional information, please visit www.ultramedia.com or contact sales@ultramedia.com.

Jessica Hoang

ANGEL (Kevin Gage, right) and TURK (Paul Sidhu, right) in a shootout on a crowded street in Mexico.

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