Design a film poster

Film Distributors’ Association are offering a young designer (over the age of 18) the opportunity to design a film poster for a UK cinema release.

The winning designer will work closely with leading marketing professionals at an independent film distributor, participating directly in the design process that leads to the creation of a film poster for a UK cinema release.

Film posters are a central communication tool to help a film to create an engage with its audience. The poster design has to capture a film’s essential themes in a style that will appeal to the desired audience. From the lettering, to the images, illustrations, symbols and colouring, all of the elements need to work as a ‘compelling’ whole to encourage an audience to learn more and go along to the cinema.

In previous years the poster competition has been won by Kazembe Hamadi who designed a poster for the UK cinema release for God Help The Girl, and Fiona McCall who won the competition with her haunting poster for Honeymoon.

Please note: if you would like to enter the competition as a design team we look forward to receiving your poster design.

How to enter...

To enter please explore the information below about the film Tehran Taboo that we would like you to design a poster for.

Tehran Taboo

A subversive depiction of underground life in Tehran told through rotoscoping animation, director Ali Soozandeh’s debut smashes the facade of a traditional Iranian society and obliterates the metaphoric storytelling style of the Iranian New Wave. Animation is the only way to tell this transgressive slice of life tale featuring prostitutes, mutes, drug addicts, musicians and mullahs that holds a mirror up to Iranian society to show hypocrites and schizophrenia, creating an innovative look at a veiled world.

Film Information

Images from Tehran Taboo can be downloaded here

Sample billing block for placement purposes can be downloaded here

International trailer can be viewed here

US trailer can be viewed here

Reviews from US release can be viewed here And the Cannes Film Festival premiere can be viewed here

Tehran Taboo will be released in UK cinemas from 5th October 2018

Marketing Brief from Peccadillo Pictures for the poster design for Tehran Taboo:

• To create a visually stunning and relevant quad for Peccadillo Pictures' upcoming cinema release of Tehran Taboo, in cinemas October 5th. • Key audience demographics: 35-54 heavyweight cinema goers (male and female, with a female skew), Iranian audiences + BAME/feminist/politically engaged women 21+ • Key comparisons: Persepolis, The Breadwinner, Wadjda, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Girlhood, A Separation, In Between. • Illustration and colours are vital, especially seeing the three women quite clearly to show it's their story • Consider making the title treatment in itself a design.

Some tips for creating your poster design:

• More information at • Find the essential themes in the film • Create a memorable logo for the film title • Clarity and concision of communication • Inform with key details – title, actors, strapline • Consider how the film distributor is positioning the film. • Learn about what appeals to the target audience

Some requirements:

• Size – UK quad poster – horizontal / 30x40 inches / 200dpi • All entries into the competition should be supplied scaled down by 75%, resampled in 72dpi, making it 1440px x 1080px • Credit block – legible / do not manipulate or change credits/logo positioning • Quotes – make sure that they are real/credited quotes

Top Tips from a poster designer

Look at all the elements of the poster and get an idea about how they sit on the page. Type size, image placement and other elements such as quotes and credits are very important to creating a well balanced film poster. • Watch the film (or look at the trailer) and think about how you could tell the story or give a feel of the film in a single image. • Sketch ideas for how you could use the elements of the poster in a different way. What decisions would you make that would differ from the original? Using pen and paper is a good way to start rather than jumping straight into working on the computer. • What elements could you add to put your own stamp on the poster? It's important to develop your own style. Would you want to add hand-illustrated elements or textures that you have photographed? Think about how your decisions affect the feel of the poster. • Don't limit yourself to one idea. Experiment and move on, then look over your ideas and think about how you can improve them. Does one poster stand out in particular? Work into it, making slight adjustments and trying colour and type variations, until you are happy with it.

Good Luck!

Entry Instructions

All approved entries will be posted up in an e-gallery to be viewed by the public and will be judged by a panel of film industry experts including a film distributor, marketing professional and designer. Please view FAQs and Terms and Conditions that apply exclusively to this contest. With entry into the competition you agree to the terms and conditions of entry. Please send your entry to Closing date: 31 October 2018