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In addition to our main hub that is this site, Launchingfilms.com. We also have threes sister websites.

MoviePreviewNetwork is your sneak peak preview of the next season's line-up coming to UK cinemas. You can create your own Movie Preview Calendar to save, publish and share with friends and all the Social platforms. The site is a great way for you to plan your movie viewing calendar over the up and coming months, with a special section for Alex Zane, where he presents his film choices for the month. You can also review films on the site, win great prizes, and get hold of sxclusive preview screening tickets.


Film of the year celebrates the top fillms of the year - as selected by film critics and others in their annual awards, and by cinemagoers in their choices at the box-office. Voting usually go’s live around December time, with the official film critics voting section and the public vote.


Launchingfilms.tv is a Film Distributors’ Association (FDA) microsite, where you can explore the essential life of a film after its production phase. What happens to a film when the producers and director have completed it? How does it get into cinemas and how do audiences become aware of it and interested in seeing it? This dedicated site takes you under the skin of the film business to answer those questions and more.