UK Media Protocol

Media Screenings Code of Conduct


Applicable to ALL media screenings

Attendance at screenings is at the discretion of the distributor, and is a professional courtesy extended to working journalists on a personal basis. As a matter of professional etiquette (as with any work-related correspondence addressed to you), details of screenings should NOT be shared with other people.

Professional accreditations or invitations should be presented at each screening.

As there may be limited cloakroom facilities, please do not take baggage into the cinemas or screening rooms.

As a courtesy to film-makers and your professional colleagues, all mobile devices MUST be switched OFF during screenings.

Please remember that the embargo protocols (see protocol No. 1) also apply to comments on social media. Unless expressly advised otherwise by the distributor of a particular film, any expression of opinion via a social media outlet is viewed as a review and should only be published (made public) as permitted by the embargo in place on that film.

General courtesy

FDA provides the following advice on general courtesy as information for people entering distribution or starting out as film journalists:

  • Do be on time
  • Do not disturb anyone
  • No smelly or noisy food
  • Take all debris out with you
  • Do not volunteer your opinion to anyone at the screening
  • If asked, be diplomatic – consider who else is around
  • Don’t put your feet on the seats or anywhere else except the floor!
  • Please do not fall asleep