Film Content Protection Agency

Welcome to the website of Film Content Protection Agency.

FCPA was formed in 2016 by Film Distributors' Association.

Its aim is to make UK cinema releases as secure as possible - safeguarding the intellectual property rights of film distributors, and the creators whom they represent, by preventing theft (piracy).

FCPA works with cinema operators, police forces and other bodies in the UK and worldwide.

"In the UK we make immersive stories, uplifting music, iconic characters and beautiful designs. We produce, on an industrial scale, all the things that enrich life and make it worth living. The creative industries consistently outperform the rest of the economy...
Enforcement and fair treatment of rights owners is critical to healthy creative industries. You can’t grow the digital market if you don’t support content. Ultimately, content and distribution grow together."

The Rt. Hon. Matt Hancock MP, Minister for Digital & Culture
September 2016