Rewards programme for UK cinema staff

FDA/FCPA are pleased to offer rewards of up to £500 (or up to £1,000 in special double-rewards periods) to commend the successful disruption of attempts to ‘camcord’ a film in a UK cinema.

For a UK cinema staff member to be eligible for a reward, they must:

  • Identify a person recording or copying a film in a cinema;
  • Disrupt and stop the recording before the film ends;
  • Notify the police immediately and file a report with the police;
  • Contact FCPA within 24 hours of the incident and complete/submit a FCPA Incident Report via email (FCPA contact details are here);

This short (50-sec) video shows highlights of the FCPA Rewards Presentation staged at London’s Courthouse Hotel on 10 April 2018 – with our thanks and congratulations again to the UK cinema staff members who took part.

Recent winners photographed at a dedicated presentation in London, March 2019

Recent winners photographed at a dedicated presentation in London, April 2018

T&Cs: The cinema employee who identifies the person operating the recording device is the person eligible to receive a reward, even though that employee will have worked with cinema managers, security and/or local police to complete all the required actions. The award of any prize, reward or other incentive issued by FDA/FCPA, including the amount or form of such prize, reward or other incentive, is at the sole discretion of FDA/FCPA.