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1) What does FCPA stand for?

Film Counter Piracy Agency
Film Cinema Protection Agency
Film Content Protection Agency
Film Content Anti-Piracy Agency

2) What is normally, in qualifying cases, the value of the reward available to UK cinema staff who identify illegal recording in the cinema?

Up to £250
Up to £500
Up to £750
Up to £1000

3) What percentage of counterfeit versions of films originate from copies illegally recorded in cinemas globally?


4) Which screening of a new release film tends to be the most sought-after by film thieves?

First day, first screening
First weekend, last screening
First Saturday, first screening
First Friday, last screening

5) What is the first step you should take if you spot someone illegally recording in the cinema?

Confront the customer
Call the police
Seize the recording device from the customer
Alert the cinema duty manager

6) Which one of these tends to be the preferred place for a professional film thief to sit in the cinema auditorium?

Near the door
In the centre at the rear
In the front row
Near the fire exit

7) Which of these statements applies to the most effective use of night vision devices?

They help to spot recording devices being used in the cinema.
They show that the cinema embraces available technologies
They act as a visible deterrent to people intent on recording the film
All of the above

8) True or false: Recording clips of films and posting or streaming them on internet social media sites is permissible.


9) What does ‘VRA’ stand for?

Visual Risk Advice
Vulnerable Release Alert
Vulnerable Risk Assessment
Virtual Response Advice

10) True or false: There is no need to check screenings of 3D films as they cannot be illegally recorded in that format.


11) What is the most effective way to disrupt illegal recording in your cinema?

Thorough and regular screen checks
Awareness of current VRAs
Regular use of night vision devices
Enhanced vigilance in the cinema
All of the above

12) To be eligible for a reward, which of the following is NOT an obligatory step?

Spot a person using a recording device in auditorium in the cinema
Stop the recording before the film ends
Go to court to give evidence
Contact the FCPA within 24 hours of the incident

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