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Wes Craven (1939 -- 2015)

Wes Craven, the pioneer of the slasher movie genre was born on 2 August, 1939 in Ohio, USA.

He launched his career when he wrote, directed and edited his first feature The Last House on the Left (1972), which was a huge box office hit, making the film industry take notice.

Craven went on to helm two American horror franchises. The first, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) featured the then unknown Johnny Depp. The Second, Scream (1996), would reinvent the teen horror genre and gross over $300 million (£195m) in the US alone.

As a film director, producer and writer Craven enjoyed a successful career through the 90s and early noughties working on Vampire in Brooklyn (1995), Carnival of Souls (1998), the non-genre film Music of the Heart (1999) which earned its star, Meryl Streep, an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, Dracula 2001 (2000), Cursed (2005) and Red Eye (2005).

More recently Wes had also signed up to work on many new projects, namely a graphic horror novel series and a range of television programmes.

He died on Sunday 30August aged 76, of brain cancer and leaves a wife and 2 children.