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Geoffrey Reeve (1932 -- 2010)

Geoffrey Reeve was a British film director and producer born in Tring, Hertfordshire. He started to direct by making promotional films and TV commercials.

Thriller writer Alistair MacLean wrote the screenplay for Reeve's directorial debut, Puppet On A Chain (1971), based on one of his novels. He also wrote Reeve's second film, Caravan To Vaccarés (1974), starring Charlotte Rampling, which was the first film Reeve produced.

The 1986 production of Half Moon Street was the starting point of a long collaboration with Sir Michael Caine. Geoffrey Reeve directed and produced Shadow Run (1998) with Caine in the lead, and his last two productions, Shiner (2000) and Quicksand (2003), also starred Caine.

Geoffrey Reeve died aged 78 on 3 January 2010.