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Adam Faith (1940 -- 2003)

Charming, Acton-born Adam Faith packed several careers into his life, which ended prematurely after a heart attack on 7 March 2003. He was one of the UK's top pop stars of the 1960s, but he also became a film actor, a TV actor and presenter, a financial adviser and journalist, and a resilient entrepreneur.

Faith branched out into British films with his singing career already established, and the man who arranged his chart hits also scored his early films, Beat Girl (1959) and Never Let Go (1960) - the legendary composer, John Barry. Faith was seriously injured in a car crash in 1973 but a film role launched his comeback: he played a rock star manager in Michael Apted's Stardust (1974).

Later that decade, he appeared in Yesterday's Hero with Ian McShane, McVicar with Roger Daltrey and the David Puttnam-produced Foxes starring Jodie Foster. The ever popular Faith leaves a wife, Jackie, and grown-up daughter, Katya.