UK Media Protocol

Covering Film Premieres


By attending a film premiere in the UK, members of the media accept, and undertake to abide by, the following code:


1. Film premieres are professional working events, funded by the distributor with the aim of launching the film in the media and to the public. Premieres held in central London often have an international profile and stature, and security arrangements will reflect this.

2. Members of the media may ask to cover a premiere, or be invited to do so by the distributor or its appointed PR agency. Distributors’ dealings with the media are conducted on the basis of good faith and mutual trust. Honesty and integrity are essential in all discussions concerning premiere access, and professional standards of conduct (see paragraphs 3 - 7 below) are required at all times at the events.

Professional conduct

3. All media in attendance must be accredited, and upon arrival on site must check in with the event organiser.

4. The person accredited to attend a premiere assumes responsibility for the conduct of his/her colleagues and/or crew at the event.

5. Event organisers will try to accommodate media requests within reason, but please log any special requests as far in advance of the event as possible.

6. The safety, security and wellbeing of those attending a premiere and of members of the public must always be of the utmost importance. Members of the media must not block or restrict movement or access to and from the premiere venue. Aggressive behavior, or any actions or insults with the potential to cause harassment, alarm or distress, may result in the perpetrator(s) being detained or arrested by the police officers in attendance.

Right to restrict future access is necessarily reserved

7. Breaches of this code will result in sanctions being considered by the individual distributor concerned. Such sanctions may regrettably include the withdrawal of ‘red carpet’ access at future premieres for the person(s) and/or the production company or media outlet which they were representing.

Thank you