UK Media Protocol

Admission and Security Procedures


Invitations and tickets to preview screenings are issued only by the individual distributor or its appointed agency. They are NOT available from FDA.

Unless otherwise stated, invitations are strictly non-transferable.

The capacity of screening venues is inevitably limited and distributors are restricted on the number of guests they can accommodate. It is obviously NOT possible to invite everyone to every screening and invitations can only be issued at the individual distributor’s sole discretion.

Attendance at screenings is at the discretion of the distributor, and is a professional courtesy extended to working journalists on a personal basis. As a matter of professional etiquette, details of screenings should NOT be shared with other people.

Furthermore, we would respectfully request that where possible journalists endeavour to attend the FDA ‘Official’ Long Lead Media or ‘Official’ Short Lead Media as appropriate to their outlet. “Official” screenings should always take priority over adhoc ‘mop-up’ screenings except in the most exceptional circumstances.

Similarly, as a matter of courtesy, in the event of cancellations of RSVPs (including guests), this should be promptly communicated to the distributor to enable seats to be reallocated.

Professional accreditations or invitations should be presented at each screening.

As there may be limited cloakroom facilities, please do not take baggage into the cinemas or screening rooms.

As a courtesy to film-makers and your professional colleagues all mobile devices MUST be switched OFF during screenings.

If reviewing a film professionally, it normally goes without saying that you are expected to attend a designated screening and to watch the whole of the film, not leaving before the end.

Where screeners or online links are available, professional films critics should use them rarely and only as a matter of last resort. Please note that usage of screeners or online links will be monitored frequently by the individual distributor for security purposes. For various reasons, we would respectfully remind everyone that knowledge of the existence of any screening link must be kept strictly confidential at all times and access to it never be shared with anyone else without express permission by the distributor.


Intellectual property is a key driver of wealth creation in our economy and film distributors are determined to help ensure that the creative assets they represent are protected appropriately. This inevitably calls for the consistent application of security procedures before and during a film’s release.

These procedures are NOT intended to cause inconvenience to individuals attending previews in professional capacities, so please don’t be offended. Regrettably, however, such measures are commonplace, especially when a film being screened has not yet opened to the public anywhere in the world.

By attending a preview screening or premiere, you consent to the physical search of your belongings and person for recording equipment. This may extend to mobile devices incorporating cameras.

If you attempt to enter with any audio or recording device, you may be asked to check it in with the attending security personnel for the duration of the screening, and refused admission if you choose not to do so.

Unauthorised recording – a breach of copyright – may be reported to law enforcement and may subject the person to criminal action and civil liability.